Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Girl's Cribsheet

Mum told me we might need another cribsheet for her little granddaughter and so I made one with Riley Blake's fabric. I'm not a fan of pink or anything girly. This fabric was sent to me by mistake and the store said I could keep it while they resend my order.

Glad it came in useful for our girl!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Set of Pyjamas

Realised that I only have a set of pyjamas for my upcoming confinement while organising my post birth items so I made one set for myself! I've sewn many pants for Colin but this is a first for myself! Got the cotton jersey fabric from Spotlight at $8/m! I used about 2m for this set. Did not use any pattern, just placed the existing pyjamas I have and cut accordingly with seam allowance. It's so big the heavily pregnant me can also wear it now. :D Just hope that the white polka dots won't turn pick after washing.

 Sewing was a little different this time cause Colin was very eager to help. He passed me the pins and decided on the green button snaps! Hubs told me the green snaps made the pyjamas look very strawberry. :D

Polka Dot Pyjamas