Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Girl's Cribsheet

Mum told me we might need another cribsheet for her little granddaughter and so I made one with Riley Blake's fabric. I'm not a fan of pink or anything girly. This fabric was sent to me by mistake and the store said I could keep it while they resend my order.

Glad it came in useful for our girl!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Set of Pyjamas

Realised that I only have a set of pyjamas for my upcoming confinement while organising my post birth items so I made one set for myself! I've sewn many pants for Colin but this is a first for myself! Got the cotton jersey fabric from Spotlight at $8/m! I used about 2m for this set. Did not use any pattern, just placed the existing pyjamas I have and cut accordingly with seam allowance. It's so big the heavily pregnant me can also wear it now. :D Just hope that the white polka dots won't turn pick after washing.

 Sewing was a little different this time cause Colin was very eager to help. He passed me the pins and decided on the green button snaps! Hubs told me the green snaps made the pyjamas look very strawberry. :D

Polka Dot Pyjamas

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I was clearing my wardrobe and found many shirts that I don't wear anymore. And so, Colin got a few new shorts! Donated the smaller shirts since there wasn't enough material to make shorts for Colin. This is one of my favorite cause it reminds me of Bruce Lee. Hee.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bean sprout husks pillow

When my pregnant friend asked me if I could make a bean sprout husks pillow for her little one, I couldn't find any reason to reject.

A bean sprout husks pillow is made of dried bean sprout husks. The chinese believed that placing this pillow across a newborn's chest or tummy will provide a sense of comfort and security like a hand. It is very lightweight and porous so definitely safe for newborns.

I purchased a bag of bean sprout husks from the supermarket for 30cents. The biggest difficulty I faced was separating the bean sprouts from husks. The damp husks were stuck on my fingers all the time! So i tried placing the whole bag into the freezer before I started the separation process, which did the trick!

After that I wash the husks clean with cold and hot water. Spread it out thinly onto newspaper for 1-2 days to dry it and get rid of the smell. This was what I got!

Dried bean sprout husks
After that I proceeded to make the pillow and cases. Embroidered her baby's name at her request. :) Love it!

Bean Sprout Husks Pillow Set

The reason why I bought my machine - embroidery! Allows me to customise my items.
Machine embroidered name

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Owl Card Holder Pouch

My friend lent me her membership cards for our trip to Taiwan. The worn out ziplock bag used to keep the cards finally tore under my hands. So I made a cardholder pouch to replace it, and of course, it was also my way of thanking her for the cards. :)

I used whatever I had in my stash - an owl prints fabric and brown zip. I love making pouches!


Owl Card Holder Pouch

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby Stroller Pads

I've always found the original pads to be very rough to baby skin but never had a good enough reason to make a new one since Colin doesn't spend a lot of time in this stroller. See, we have 3 strollers, 1 sits in my husband's car, 1 in our house and another 1 at my parents' place. This stroller is the one at my parents' place,  used the least often.

However, we decided that this stroller scored best for travelling, and I can't imagine my boy's skin rubbing this rough stroller pads 8hrs a day, for 4 days. A reason good enough for me to make a new set of stroller pads!

Before and after
I used Michael Miller's stripey fabric for external and towel material for inside. Soft and nice! Really glad I made it. :)

Of course, photo taking usually involves this little one having his share of fun. He refused to let me take pics of him in the stroller, and decided Mickey can't too.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Handmade luggage band

I remembered hubs came back from India with a broken luggage just before I started packing for our Taipei trip. A small part of me wanted to fix it, a smaller part agreed to let it stay as it was, since the other lock was still working fine. As the hours went by, the small part grew bigger and bigger, and the scraps called out to me each time I looked at my sewing table.I finally gave in the day before the trip and made a luggage band to secure that permanent popped out latch.

Cut 2 long strips of fabric and 1 medium weighted interface. Iron the interface onto fabric, sew fabrics together (leave a space to turn right side out), top stitch, attach velcros, done! 

Guess what? The other latch broke just couple of hours before our fight out of Singapore. I was soooooo glad I made the luggage band - it served its purpose for the trip plus made it so much easier to lookout for our luggage! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shorts for the little one

I brought home some t-shirts which my brother wanted to throw away for re-fashioning to toddler shorts. Did not document how I made shorts previously. This time I tried to take pictures as I went along for documentation purposes. :) First up! A picture of Colin in his shorts. Red & white are the colours of our Singapore flag. Kids would wear this colour combination outfit to school for Naitonal Day celebration.

Two reasons why I love this shorts:
1. Long enough to protect his knees when he falls and;
2. High enough to hold in the shirt.This young man's shirt hardly stays tucked in cause he monkeys around every other minute.

Shorts tutorial
I used an existing shorts as a guideline. Place the t-shirt flat, fold the shorts into half and position it on the bottom left of the t-shirt to reuse the very pretty finishing. Trace along the edges with 1cm seam allowance. You will have to extend the elastic bands fully to trace when you get to the waistband. Adjustments to the shorts has to be made now - add length upwards for higher waist, extend downwards for longer shorts, add width to sides to make it looser. Remember to add an inch (or height of elastic band) at the top for fold over waistband.

Time to cut along the 'dotted' lines, both front and back of the t-shirt to be cut together.

Flip the cut out piece and position it for another round of cutting.

Now we have 2 sets (4 blocks).

Place the fabrics right sides together, serge/zig zag as illustrated below, repeat for the other set.

Open up both sets, align it nicely, serge/zig zag the crouch portion together.

Still, with right sides together, serge/zig zag the sides.

Sneak peak! The shorts should look like this now. Not as tough as imagined. :)

With wrong side out, pin the elastic band, align it to the top of the fabric. I determined the where the halves of elastic band will be, pin front and back, then move on to 1/4, pin left and right, and finally to 1/8 of the band, pin middle left, middle right, back left and back right. This way will ensure even stretch for the elastic band. I sewed the start/end of the elastic bands together before proceeding to next step.

Serge/zig zag the top of the elastic band, stretch the elastic band to the length of fabric as you go.

How the shorts looked like after serging.

Fold down the elastic band to create the waistband. Set the pins at 1/8 point again.

Stretch and sew around.

Finished product. Yay! You can sew another line if you prefer. I settled with 1 line.

The original on the made.

And a happy mum and boy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Silkscreen printing

Attended a 2hr silkscreen printing lesson conducted by Monster Gallery yesterday. It was fun!

First you prepare the image that you want to print. Then place the screen over the image, use a pencil and lightly trace the outlines of the image.The image I was going to print - elephant (my all time favorite animal).

The screen after tracing. 

Now, Determine which areas/lines you want to print. I'm going for the elephant outline. Proceed to use a screen filler, paint on the areas you do not wish to print. Wait for screen filler to dry completely.

Now prepare the silkscreen paint. Lay it at the bottom of the screen, hold up the screen, use a squeegee to move the paint across the sceeen (this process is called "flooding").

Place the sceeen on the surface you want to print. Do not move the screen once you have laid the screen.
Finally, use the squeegee and go across the screen again. If printing on fabric, use more force and go slightly slower so that the fabric absorbs the paint.

Tadaa! The final product!

Joe, our instructor for the workshop, demonstrating the printing process. He designed and printed the skull image on the tshirt he was wearing. Cool! 

Monster Gallery @ 64 Neil Road Singapore 088834

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Faux leather zippered pouch

Husband requested for a pouch to keep his game cards so he could bring it out and play with friends. Made him one using faux leather, with 4 pockets inside for easier categorising of cards. Had to change my machine needle to sew through the layers of leather. Leather is definitely easier to clean and water resistant which would be great for rainy days!