Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peasant Dress

Another dress from a japanese book titled "Dress Style Book". It's called peasant dress. I used raglan sleeves instead, with elastic bands inserted. I like how the elastic band makes the creases look neater. :)
Closer view of the dress. This was the first time I worked with bias tape. 

Matched the dress with Naraya hat form Thailand and shoes from Taiwan.
Kitty decided to join in the fun.. 
The dress is comfortable and airy for humid Singapore. My friend commented that it can double up as a maternity dress too. :) 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stock take

Hubby shifted his clothes to the new wardrobe and gave up some space to me! :) A space so treasured by me cause now I nicely display my fabrics instead of chucking all into those ugly plastic Toyogo boxes. Thank you love!

Here are my fabrics!

Left: Fashion fabrics
Right: Crafting fabrics
Back: Basics

Back to packing my sewing nook! :))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Burdastyle Projects

You can imagine how happy I am to finally finish clicking through all 1791 pages of Burdastyle projects uploaded. It took me almost 4 months in all. I have no idea how many years Burdastyle has been up, but I was brought through a couple of seasons as I surfed. I could feel the transition of seasons just by looking at the type of projects completed, cool? Not just the seasons, also the festives! From Easter to Halloween and Christmas.

The journey was inspiring; to see so many sewing enthusiasts (many self taught) sharing their creations, patterns and techniques. I especially enjoy seeing how 1 pattern could be morphed into many variants, oh, and also how other people put fabrics together. Sharing with you some of my favorites!

What's next? I'm going to pack that messy sewing nook of mine and start sewing! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fabric Bookmark

My colleague recently developed a passion for reading and she used receipts to bookmark (then had the hardest time looking for the thin slip of paper afterwards). I made her a personalised fabric bookmark, in her favorite hot pink colour, as an encouragement to continue reading. She loved it!

She can display her pretty name by the side of the book or...

at the top. Whatever makes her happy! :)

Apologies for the bad pictures taken in the night cause I intended to give her the bookmark the morning after making it.

I used cotton-polyester with medium interface, which also doubled up as stabilizer for the embroidery.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I stood around as hubby washed the dishes and discovered this antique item at Mama Chang's place!!

It's actually a stove lighter older than my 34 yr old hubby. Mama Chang said it is in good (working) condition, and more amazingly, doesn't require any refill!

So coool. :)

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My latest addition

My hubby asked me what I would like to receive for our first wedding anniversary (23 Dec) and christmas. I listed the top 3 on my wishlist:

Serger/Overlocker - to finish my seams nicely

Canon Powershot S95 - to take awesome pictures of my creations

Tripod - to snap pictures of myself in my creations!

That is how much I love sewing. :)

Guess what he got me?

Brother 3034D to accompany my Brother Innov-is 900. Thank you my love!

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Altering

Do you encounter this problem of friends asking you to help (at no cost) them sew this and that after they got to know you sew? I have my fair share of requests after uploading pictures onto my Facebook account.

I will feel bad for turning down their requests, but I don't want to agree either. See, I'm not sure if they would appreciate the items as much as a fellow sewer would. They seemed to be more concerned about the $$ they save, at the expense of my time.

My answer to striking a balance between their $ and my time is Altering. Yes, it saves them $4 to $12 and couple of hrs for me. Perfect!! :))

Then, a colleague of mine asked if I could help to shorten her dress. I thought "why not?". There, my first victim, all excited to snip off her dress. She hated the ruffles at the bottom.

This is her in her 'new' dress! As long as she's happy!

I got quite a fair bit of fabric from the snip. Perhaps I'll make a skirt for myself?

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