Friday, December 3, 2010

First Altering

Do you encounter this problem of friends asking you to help (at no cost) them sew this and that after they got to know you sew? I have my fair share of requests after uploading pictures onto my Facebook account.

I will feel bad for turning down their requests, but I don't want to agree either. See, I'm not sure if they would appreciate the items as much as a fellow sewer would. They seemed to be more concerned about the $$ they save, at the expense of my time.

My answer to striking a balance between their $ and my time is Altering. Yes, it saves them $4 to $12 and couple of hrs for me. Perfect!! :))

Then, a colleague of mine asked if I could help to shorten her dress. I thought "why not?". There, my first victim, all excited to snip off her dress. She hated the ruffles at the bottom.

This is her in her 'new' dress! As long as she's happy!

I got quite a fair bit of fabric from the snip. Perhaps I'll make a skirt for myself?

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