Sunday, July 31, 2011

Colour Pencil Wallet

Cousin's kiddo's 5th birthday celebration! I had to make something for Xavier boy. Went out with mum till late yesterday resulting in me waking up early this morning to make this. The pattern is based on Jennifer Casa's Crayon Wallet. Some changes I made - removed the centre pocket and widened the right pocket so that is fits an A6 notepad.

I realised my fabric stash doesn't have much boy choices. :( Thankfully there was a designer's fabric discount on some time back. I reminded myself to get boy fabrics, and so I did, but what on earth was I thinking when I checked out with only 0.5yd of such cute Michael Miller fabric? =X

Front view! Vroooom vroooom!

Close up on the fabric button I made. Totally addictive! Matching buttons = happy me. I ended up making quite a bit of fabric buttons..

Open the wallet and you'll see the note pad!

Colour pencils on the left...

Full view. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Table Runner

Last Sunday afternoon was spent helping a friend shorten her table runner.

A table runner is easy to make if it drapes over the table edges, not when the table runner has to fit the table top surface cause that 0.5 cm shortage or excess will be very obvious. I hope this will fit my friend's table perfectly.

This is it! I unpicked all stitches, re-measured, cut, sewed all around.

Pictures time! Running across my table...

Running along my table.

Back view. The corner was thick and jutting out due to the double fold which prevent seams from fraying. So I sewed the corner flat first before sewing all 4 sides at one go.

Front view of stitches. Nice equal allowance. The way I like it. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Few weekends ago hubs decided to bring me for nice breakfast and I put together the skirt and reversible bag I made for the date! Love the wall and hence the pic!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Striped Flyer Holder

Remember the flyer holder I made last year? My friend's friend was frustrated with people stuffing flyers at her gate too and got referred to me by my friend. I dropped by her place to take measurements of gate and collect the yellow/white stripes fabric she bought. This was the first time I worked with fabric paint and stripes! I was very cautious trying to match stripes nicely, but still not perfectly matched in my eyes. Hope to work with strips again soon!

Take a closer look at the words! Are you interested to paint too? It's quite easy actually.

1. Print the word.
2. Placed the printout over the freezer paper
3. Cut out the alphabets from both printout and freezer paper (remember to have the glossy side facing right side of fabric)
4. Iron the freezer paper onto the right side of fabric
5. Mix colour if needed. I bought all basic colours (red, yellow, blue, white and black) so I can mix any colour I want. :)
6. Paint! Be careful not to paint out of the freezer paper
7. Dry the paint. You can blow dry with hairdryer or let it dry naturally if you have time
8. Paint second layer
9. Dry the paint. Keep painting and drying until desired.
10. Place a fabric over the area
11. Iron your design
12. Peel off the freezer paper
13. Touch up your design if needed. I usually use something sharp, like toothpick or satay stick.
14. Iron again and you are done! :D

Close up of the product.

Seems like a good time to replace existing flyer holder since our current one has faded due to prolonged sun exposure. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Scrap Wrap

I have many long scraps from previous projects which I can't bear to throw away. Okay, not just the long scraps that I don't throw, the smaller 2" by 2" scarps sits in my little box too. That little piece might come in useful for fabric buttons, don't you think so? :D

Anyway, I just came back from Australia and was thinking how I should wrap the pens that didn't come with packaging. The long scraps came into my mind immediately. This was what I achieved on 2nd try using fabric scarps from my Peasant Dress.

Basically, wrap across to cover both ends of the pens, then wrap around like how you would with badminton racquet grips, ensuring sufficient overlapping of fabrics (about 1cm for this project), finish it with tucking in the end of the fabric into one end of the pen using pointed tool.

Next, use fabric paint to drop a little note. :) Tip: Use tooth pick or satay sticks to write with fabric paint. I find it much neater compared to brush.
All ready to go to its new owner! :D