Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Linen Reversible Bag

Finally completed verypurpleperson's reversible bag tutorial this weekend!

I stole a little moment from each weekday evening after a tired day at work.... and progressed from printing pattern, piecing patterns together, cutting fabric to stitching it altogether! It took me one whole week.

My machine gave me problems when I topstitched the handles.. Have you ever encountered loose stitches? In desperation, I read the operation manual and realised the handle was probably too thick and requires a different needle. This was the first time I changed needle (cleaned up the bobbin as well). Problem solved after that! :)

KAM on one side, TK (my hubby) in a (my) heart the other side.. 

 I wanted to take more pictures but Summer, the very affectionate cat, decided it was his. I tried pulling him away but he'll come back each time before I manage to snap a picture. Maybe he likes linen?

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