Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diaper Cake for Lorraine

Today is J&K's Lorraine's 1st birthday party! :) Kelvin is a practical guy, so my gift choices were in some sense limited to vouchers, toys, clothes... Well, I chose diaper cake!

There are 2 methods to do diaper cakes - stacking or rolling. I preferred the stacking method cause it does lesser damage to the diapers when being tied together, and I think it's prettier. After bundling the diapers, I made 2 fabric ribbons and topped it off with bow. I was so engrossed it was 1.30am before I knew it! (-_-") Plastic wrapping was done this morning.

TK was home so I got him to snap a picture before I deliver the cake! ♥♥

The unwrapped cake

Lorraine playing with the cake :)

Interested to make one too? Check out the Diaper Cake Tutorial here. :) 

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