Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Diaper Cake Tutorial

Cracking your head for baby gift ideas? Try making a diaper cake! It's pretty, practical and can double up as a great display for the party!

How to make a Diaper Cake
Things you need: Diapers (of course!), 8 to 12 inch cake base depending on your cake size, ribbons, scortch tape, scissors. If you're planning to do a 2 tier cake, you'll need something strong such as cardboard roll or milk bottle for support.

I used 40 sized M diapers for this project.

Stack the diapers together until it fits the cake base nicely. This step can be a little tricky cause the diapers keep slipping away. Get a helper to hold it for you, or try what I did - hug it with one arm, then use a ribbon to secure the diapers with the other. Spread the diapers evenly.

Tape the support to the cake base to prevent it from moving when you wrap the diapers around it. 

Place the diaper over the support. There! You're done with the lower tier. :)

Now, the second tier. Repeat the stacking diapers process.

Decorate it as you wish! I made 2 fabric ribbons and topped it up with a bow!  The diaper cake is good to go! :)

Wrapping is important for the temperamental weather in Singapore. I used pink polka dots disco paper.

Diaper cake beautified!

Enjoy your diaper cake!

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