Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stock up!

A scheduled post for my dearest readers while I'm in Taipei!

fabric.com was offering 15% discount for all Michael Miller's fabrics a week ago. My browsing session turned into a 'Add to Cart' and decide later action, followed by 'Checking Out'. Just like that, I clicked a hundred dollars away within minutes. But I'm happpppppy! =)

I really enjoy getting fabrics from this site. Email confirmation was sent promptly, fabrics were cut, folded, and packed neatly into the box, and I love those little info tags. USD$20.49 was spent to ship 14 yards of fabrics to my home (Singapore) in 5 days. Perhaps next time I should try gather a few fellow sewers to share shipping cost.. What say you?


  1. wow! so nice. Wanted to place order too but shipping cost is a big factor. Maybe next time we can share-our order to save cost : )
    Oh, I've sent you an email regarding the neck pillow.

  2. yes you should! shipping cost is also something that stop me from buying :)

    nice fabric you have chosen :)


  3. gud idea! can I join too when you ordering? :)