Friday, March 4, 2011

My first skirt

This Lunar New Year I sewed an outfit for myself - a lazy day skirt and a top. Let me show you the skirt first cause the weather hasn't been kind to my camera. :)

A really simple project which took me less than half a day to finish.

I decided on this skirt pattern after browsing through my little collection of sewing books. This was found from the following book.

Material used was 100% cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman . The skirt is very light and comfortable, especially on a warm day (which means most of the days in Singapore). :P


  1. Hi,

    I also saw this book but japanese version at Kinokuniya. May I know where you get the chinese version of it? Thanks!

  2. Hihi!

    I got my copy from Taiwan. :) They have a lot of japanese books translated and reprinted in traditional chinese.

    I'm heading to Taiwan this Friday, want me to try get hold of a copy for you?

    ♥ Kam