Sunday, July 31, 2011

Colour Pencil Wallet

Cousin's kiddo's 5th birthday celebration! I had to make something for Xavier boy. Went out with mum till late yesterday resulting in me waking up early this morning to make this. The pattern is based on Jennifer Casa's Crayon Wallet. Some changes I made - removed the centre pocket and widened the right pocket so that is fits an A6 notepad.

I realised my fabric stash doesn't have much boy choices. :( Thankfully there was a designer's fabric discount on some time back. I reminded myself to get boy fabrics, and so I did, but what on earth was I thinking when I checked out with only 0.5yd of such cute Michael Miller fabric? =X

Front view! Vroooom vroooom!

Close up on the fabric button I made. Totally addictive! Matching buttons = happy me. I ended up making quite a bit of fabric buttons..

Open the wallet and you'll see the note pad!

Colour pencils on the left...

Full view. :)

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