Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Scrap Wrap

I have many long scraps from previous projects which I can't bear to throw away. Okay, not just the long scraps that I don't throw, the smaller 2" by 2" scarps sits in my little box too. That little piece might come in useful for fabric buttons, don't you think so? :D

Anyway, I just came back from Australia and was thinking how I should wrap the pens that didn't come with packaging. The long scraps came into my mind immediately. This was what I achieved on 2nd try using fabric scarps from my Peasant Dress.

Basically, wrap across to cover both ends of the pens, then wrap around like how you would with badminton racquet grips, ensuring sufficient overlapping of fabrics (about 1cm for this project), finish it with tucking in the end of the fabric into one end of the pen using pointed tool.

Next, use fabric paint to drop a little note. :) Tip: Use tooth pick or satay sticks to write with fabric paint. I find it much neater compared to brush.
All ready to go to its new owner! :D

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