Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First handmade item for mama

I still remember the joy and love I received along with the cross stitch bag my mama made for me when I was 7. Yes, I kept it till now, and that kept me going. :)

How could I turn down my mama's request for a pouch to put her work apron?

I presented the pouch to her today with dozens of butterflies in my stomach. Started thinking in my mind if she will like the colour? the fabric? the design? But the butterflies flew away when she went "Ahh! This is exactly what I wanted! You're my girl!!", and immediately packed her apron in. Our hearts were filled with ♥.. :)

This time I didn't embroider the name. It was some alphabet stitch. Attached the band so it can be a wristlet when mama's hands are full or tired. The pouch measures 11.5" by 6.5".

Tutorial from MADE .

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