Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting organised

So the little one is growing, flipping and grabbing things off my table when we change his diapers.

We used to lay his changing kit on a very ugly sheet of plastic to protect my cutting mat. 6 months has passed and the sheet is covered with powder and dust - an issue when Colin grabs and sucks his fingers later.

So I thought about our little issue after disposing the plastic sheet.

Place the kit on my cutting mat?

No way! My mat is too precious to risk being stained.

Remembered an unused Ikea drawer organiser which I don't think is washable. That means I will have problems removing the powder dust.

No go too. Too much trouble maintaining it.

But! I have fabric scraps! Measure cut measure cut, tadah! The end result.

A cover! Perfect solution! Can remove the cover for washing.

The side view. :)

A happy mom now!

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