Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Silkscreen printing

Attended a 2hr silkscreen printing lesson conducted by Monster Gallery yesterday. It was fun!

First you prepare the image that you want to print. Then place the screen over the image, use a pencil and lightly trace the outlines of the image.The image I was going to print - elephant (my all time favorite animal).

The screen after tracing. 

Now, Determine which areas/lines you want to print. I'm going for the elephant outline. Proceed to use a screen filler, paint on the areas you do not wish to print. Wait for screen filler to dry completely.

Now prepare the silkscreen paint. Lay it at the bottom of the screen, hold up the screen, use a squeegee to move the paint across the sceeen (this process is called "flooding").

Place the sceeen on the surface you want to print. Do not move the screen once you have laid the screen.
Finally, use the squeegee and go across the screen again. If printing on fabric, use more force and go slightly slower so that the fabric absorbs the paint.

Tadaa! The final product!

Joe, our instructor for the workshop, demonstrating the printing process. He designed and printed the skull image on the tshirt he was wearing. Cool! 

Monster Gallery @ 64 Neil Road Singapore 088834


  1. I never knew this workshop was available in SG! Thanks!

    1. Joe also conducts rubber stamp carving workshops which I am also very tempted to go!