Monday, October 14, 2013

Handmade luggage band

I remembered hubs came back from India with a broken luggage just before I started packing for our Taipei trip. A small part of me wanted to fix it, a smaller part agreed to let it stay as it was, since the other lock was still working fine. As the hours went by, the small part grew bigger and bigger, and the scraps called out to me each time I looked at my sewing table.I finally gave in the day before the trip and made a luggage band to secure that permanent popped out latch.

Cut 2 long strips of fabric and 1 medium weighted interface. Iron the interface onto fabric, sew fabrics together (leave a space to turn right side out), top stitch, attach velcros, done! 

Guess what? The other latch broke just couple of hours before our fight out of Singapore. I was soooooo glad I made the luggage band - it served its purpose for the trip plus made it so much easier to lookout for our luggage! 

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