Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby Stroller Pads

I've always found the original pads to be very rough to baby skin but never had a good enough reason to make a new one since Colin doesn't spend a lot of time in this stroller. See, we have 3 strollers, 1 sits in my husband's car, 1 in our house and another 1 at my parents' place. This stroller is the one at my parents' place,  used the least often.

However, we decided that this stroller scored best for travelling, and I can't imagine my boy's skin rubbing this rough stroller pads 8hrs a day, for 4 days. A reason good enough for me to make a new set of stroller pads!

Before and after
I used Michael Miller's stripey fabric for external and towel material for inside. Soft and nice! Really glad I made it. :)

Of course, photo taking usually involves this little one having his share of fun. He refused to let me take pics of him in the stroller, and decided Mickey can't too.

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