Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brother 3034D

Remember the post on my new addition? I found time to explore it a little on Christmas eve in the midst of packing my terribly messed up sewing nook (so that my guests that evening wouldn't drop their jaws at that ugly sighting). Well, I unloaded 2 boxes of fabrics and loaded it into the wardrobe. Then I decided I needed something prevent dust from settling on my fabrics. And the patchwork blocks made 5 years ago called out to me immediately. 

I jumped at the chance to serge the blocks together! :)) Let the pictures do the talking! 

4 thread overlocking stitch, meant for jerseys, but I was too lazy to remove 1 thread. 
Another view.

What a therapeutic experience! Gosh, I got addicted after serging 6 blocks, I had to try the hem stitch to prevent the seams from fraying or just for decoration. 

Close up.

Another view.

This machine is good enough for a novice. It's easy to thread following the colour coding. I'm loving it. =D

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  1. i agree. that's exactly how i felt when i first got my serger. very therapatic!